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Since starting out campaign, Newcastle UCU has received lots of messages of support from individuals and union branches across the country. If you’d like to show your support, please sign and share our petition, write to our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Chris Brink, at, and send emails to us at Thank you!

Some of the messages already received are below the fold.

I just wanted to voice my support for all the comments that you (and colleagues) have made about harnessing a collegiate approach to making Newcastle University a happier and more productive place to work.  This, in my view, is put at risk by the managerial insistence of the RIPE and RTB documents. . . . If we don’t put forward an alternative positive view now then I fear the RIP and RTB issues will put us on an irreversible trajectory and one that, in my view, risks the academic integrity befitting of a major university.

– Newcastle University

Congratulations to Newcastle colleagues on their two successful ballots. Yes, this is a serious threat which we need to fight. It does not matter what the targets are – we need to oppose them. They are not under our control, and this involves a speeding up of work and increasing demands, and distortion of what education and research are about. Everything is increasingly about money and league tables and not about real values – how we make a difference to communities, both locally and worldwide.

– University of Glasgow

This is a very important issue and no doubt at all the result of this dispute will shape research and contractual obligations being linked for performance management at many other institutions.

– Northumbria University

I wanted to send a quick message of support to you and your colleagues.  Thank you for holding the line; where Newcastle goes, others are likely to follow.  Your action is important not only locally but nationally.

– Northumbria University

As Chair and Branch Secretary at Anglia Ruskin UCU, we wanted to convey our support for your campaign against the implementation of ‘RIPE’. This represents a very worrying development, and we wish you every success in your action.

  – Anglia Ruskin University

Keep fighting!

– Northumbria University

Please accept and pass on my message of ardent support to all involved in your efforts to defend academic integrity, from a proud graduate and post-graduate of your institution.

– Northumbria University

Congratulations to you and colleagues on winning these ballots and taking action against this completely pernicious and arbitrary performance management. Winning this dispute is at least as important as our national action, and we should be putting significant resources in to help. If you and your colleagues can win at Newcastle it sets a fantastic precedent for what can be achieved elsewhere and heralds a fightback against something that has stealthily been introduced very widely.

 – City University London

This is a very serious issue for the whole of the union. Branches need to get behind Newcastle and invite speakers from Newcastle UCU to speak at their university. When Newcastle takes industrial action, we need a serious mobilisation in Newcastle and solidarity selfies across the UK. The employers are looking to establish a precedent on performance management especially for research. Why? Well, because the opportunities for profit in the sector is in student tuition fees, and research active academic staff who are not major earners or reputation-builders for the university are simply not value for money for the employers in the new tuition-fee metric-driven economy.

 – University College London

In solidarity!

– City of Liverpool College

Solidarity to Newcastle comrades. I agree that winning this dispute might be as important as winning national pay dispute, but it’s all connected really.

– University of Leicester

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