Newcastle University UCU’s work is carried out by members who volunteer to carry out dedicated roles:

  • Committee members are elected from all parts of the University, we have  academics, researchers and administrators on the committee.
  • School , Institute and Unit representatives and local contacts are a point of contact for local members and they who help to distribute UCU information. The whole University isn’t yet covered – could you put up some posters and leaflets? Please contact the local office – emails bellow.
  • Personal Caseworkers – members of the team are allocated to members with personal casework issues

UCU also employs Mavis Durkin and Chris Easton, administrators who support the members of the branch, the committee, and caseworkers.  Chris’s main role is membership and recruitment.

Main contacts

Mavis Durkin

Chris Easton

The officers, elected June 2017 and June 2018, are below:-

Bruce Baker (HCA)
ext 83636
VP Operations
Matt Perry (HCA)
ext 87977
VP Communications
Fionnghuala Sweeney (SELLL)
ext 83895
Hon Secretary
Phil Lord  (Computing)
ext 87827
Membership Secretary
Graham Kirkwood (IHS)
ext 87626
Geoff Abbott (Natural & Environmental Sciences)
ext 86608
Equalities Officer
Stacy Gillis (SELL)
ext 87360
Anti-Casualisation Officer
Andy Clark (HCA)

Committee members are:

Barbara Eberth (NUBS) ext 81609

Will Salmon (LTS) ext 84539

Alasdair Charles (Engineering) ext 87900

John Appleby (Mathematics, Statistics & Physics) ext 86285

Graham Collins (NUIT) ext 87938

David Stewart (Mathematics, Statistics & Physics) ext 88277

Liz Wood (ION) ext 86968

Sue Abbott (UCU NEC)
Joan Harvey (UCU NEC)