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Words used so far to describe Newcastle University’s ‘Raising The Bar’ target-based performance management scheme

Unhelpful. Pointless. Terrifying. Stressful. Demoralizing. Counter-productive. Pernicious. Awful. Destructive. Unrealistic. Arbitrary. Unreasonable. Short-sighted. Ill-informed. Unethical. Bullying. Poisoned. Flawed. Unfair. Regressive. Coercive. Unsustainable. Immoral. Ineffective. Meaningless. Damaging. Outdated. Crude. Catastrophic. Narrow-minded. Madness. Risible. Big-Brother. Antithetical. Heavy-handed. Appalling. Vulgar. Absurd. Unacceptable. Wrong. … Continue reading

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Petition hits 2000 signatures

By Friday, only two days after it was launched, our petition had already reached 2000 signatures. Many signatories have left powerful comments about why our fight matters. There are comments from across the UK and the world, including many from … Continue reading

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