Words used so far to describe Newcastle University’s ‘Raising The Bar’ target-based performance management scheme

Unhelpful. Pointless. Terrifying. Stressful. Demoralizing. Counter-productive. Pernicious. Awful. Destructive. Unrealistic. Arbitrary. Unreasonable. Short-sighted. Ill-informed. Unethical. Bullying. Poisoned. Flawed. Unfair. Regressive. Coercive. Unsustainable. Immoral. Ineffective. Meaningless. Damaging. Outdated. Crude. Catastrophic. Narrow-minded. Madness. Risible. Big-Brother. Antithetical. Heavy-handed. Appalling. Vulgar. Absurd. Unacceptable. Wrong. Inappropriate. Ridiculous. Divisive. Reductive. Abominable. Bullshit. Neoliberal. Aggressive. Disgraceful. Erosive. Punitive. Scary. Perverse. Disastrous. Crass. Unjust. Outrageous. Concerning. Dreadful. Facile. Simplistic. Stupid. Irrational. Egregious. Shameful. Ignorant. Useless. Ill-thought. Harmful. Idiotic. Brutal. Contemptuous. Reductionist. Unhealthy. Demeaning. Discriminatory. Detrimental. Unworkable. Irresponsible. Corrosive. Unproductive. Anti-academic. Anti-human. Insane. Crushing. Draconian. Foolish. Quasi-Stalinist. Negative. Toxic. Unilateral. Offensive. Inequitable. Noxious. Witless. Managerialist. Distressing. Obscene. Uncollegial. Inimical. Philistine. Ludicrous. Impracticable. Misguided. Anti-democratic. Myopic. Clueless. Ill-conceived. Intimidating. Ill-considered.

From comments on the UCU petition, as of 4 June 2016. If you haven’t already, sign, and add yours!

Thanks to the Newcastle University UCU member who pulled these together for her original facebook post.


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